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Sample OpenOffice 3 extension with scala 2.8 and sbt

Sample OpenOffice 3 extension with scala and sbt

  • Here’s a small sample of a openoffice 3 extension using scala and sbt
  • Project link: sample scala addon
  • Openoffice devel documentation: DevGuide and sdk samples :

    folder examples/ on openoffice sdk (usually located in /usr/lib/openoffice-dev)
  • I just ported ProtocolHandlerAddon_java to scala and sbt

    under examples/DevelopersGuide/Components/Addons/ProtocolHandlerAddon_java
  • using sbt,
    a little task (create_extension) will help to create the oxt file (with the .xcu files, scala-library jar, manifest …)

    $> sbt
       :> update
       :> compile
       :> package
       :> create_extension